Hello there! Happy New Year!

You must be wondering about the reason for our long silence. Well, it’s largely to do with our latest project – Avaz Everyday. All of us have been burning the midnight oil to bring this revolutionary product out. So do watch out for it.

But it’s not been all work and no play at Invention Labs. This Christmas, we decided to partake in the holiday cheer with a week-long “Secret Santa”.

For those of you who are new to the concept, Secret Santa is a traditional Christmas game where a bunch of people draw lots and buy a small gift each day for the person whose name is on their draw. The fun part is that the gift is handed over secretly without revealing the giver’s identity, thus making him the Secret Santa. On the last day, during the elaborate gift exchange session, the Secret Santas reveal themselves.

The fun began right at the beginning while drawing the lots when people kept drawing their own name. Finally, after three rounds of lots and many bursts of laughter, the game began. On the very first day, amnesia struck. Half of us had forgotten to buy gifts. So while one half of office was smiling ear to ear at the small gifts hidden under their bags and in their lockers, another half was pouting and complaining about their forgetful Santas.

By Day 3, all the pouts and complaints had turned into smiles and praises. With every passing day, we would try to second guess who our Secret Santa was. The Santas were smart – their gifts came accompanied by red herrings – changed handwriting, deceptive wrappers and the works. No one had a clue as to who their Santa was.

Day 6. The excitement was running high. At tea-time, people were discussing the best gift shops in town.

Day 7. Christmas Eve. It was barely 10 am but the office was full and everyone wore a happy smile on their face. The desk in the centre of the office was heaped with gifts wrapped in gold, silver, red and green. Every few minutes, a head would turn and look longingly at the clock – willing for it to strike four.

4pm. People turned off their monitor and headed to the centre table, smiling awkwardly at each other. The names on the gifts were called out and the gifts were passed around. Within a few minutes, the pretty gift wrappers lay on the floor and each of us stood grinning at each other, with a gift in hand. There were adorable pink teddy bears, beautiful white vases, tea cups and books, fancy pens and even a shirt. But strangely, when it came to guessing who each one’s Secret Santa was – none of them guessed right. Looks like the red herrings worked after all!

January 6th, 2015

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