On Aug 14, the lunch-time conversation had a tone of relief. “Phew! I can get up late tomorrow.”

On Aug 15, we were all at office 2 hours earlier than usual. Not a single one of us complained. A first in many ways.

So what changed?


They say words have the power not just to communicate but also inspire.

On the night of Aug 14, we received an email from Ajit.

    “As a company, we have benefited a lot from India. As some of you know, in the early days, when we did not have the confidence and belief of external investors, the Government of India funded our company’s setting-up through RTBI. Then, we got funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology for Avaz – not once but 2 times. We have been recognised by the President of India through the National Award. We are also very lucky to be working in the IITM Research Park and collaborating with IIT Madras, which have all been funded by our fellow citizens.

    And of course, we are all indebted to the country for supporting our ambition and our growth, both personally and professionally. Which we are slowly repaying by building a world-class company out of India, serving the entire world.

    For many years I have been thinking that we should do something as a gesture of our respect and pride in our citizenship of our country. I thought this is a good year for us to start celebrating our National holidays, in a simple way.”

It inspired us.

Things at Invention Labs have been hectic over the last few months. The Independence Day celebrations came as a welcome break.

We pinned mini-flags on our chests. We hoisted a flag that fluttered over our workstations. We distributed sweets, wished one another and posed for photo-ops.

We sang the national anthem.
We felt proud.
We felt connected.
We felt Indian.

September 2nd, 2014

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