July 7, 2014 is a historic day in the Invention Labs calendar. An otherwise warm and sultry Monday, this was also the day the entire team came together to craft the company’s vision statement.

In a well-thought out exercise planned and executed by the team from McKinsey, the 12-member team from Invention Labs participated in a range of activities that resulted in the forming of the vision statement. Not only did the exercise give the group a shared sense of purpose towards a common goal, it also helped us bond together as the Invention Labs family!

The session started at 2pm with a brief stretching exercise to make sure we were wide awake. We were then asked to pair up with a colleague whom we didn’t know much about and spend the next five minutes getting to know them. This broke the proverbial ice and set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.

Pradeep, the moderator from McKinsey explained to us the objective of the workshop. We paired up again to find out about each other’s achievement and reflect on what made the achievement possible. This exercise reinforced the fact that even simple acts, if done differently, can result in great achievements.


We were shown a brief video clip that emphasized the importance of a leader’s vision and its transformational effect on the employees. Based on the video, we were asked to identify the characteristics of a good and bad vision statement.

Having understood the need for a vision statement, we then formed groups of four members each and were asked to think of three words that signify ‘our’ vision for the company. Restricting ourselves to three words proved to be quite a challenge. We then huddled around a big sheet of chart paper and tried painting the three words.



The other teams were to guess the words we tried to convey through the painting. After an exciting 15 minutes of playing around with water colours, the teams racked their brains to decipher the images. The key words were noted on a board.


Now, each team had to write the vision statement using the words derived from the painting.


Many suggestions, arguments and disagreements later, the team unanimously voted on a vision statement.
Here it is:

“We aim to create world-class technology products that empower, educate, and engage people.”

July 31st, 2014

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